The HyPower project is developing several pieces of software that facilitate Cyber-Physical Systems development and education. As new supporting software is developed, it will be added to our GitHub page:


PhysiCloud is a sofware framework that targets mobile, low-power computing systems. It aims to provide a platform-as-a-service layer so that users may develop control applications on mobile cyber-physical systems, such as networked robotic systems. PhysiCloud is currently under active development and may have bugs! If you try it out and come across an issue, please notify us on Github!


Educating undergraduate students in cyber-physical systems is challenging due to its dependence on diverse science and engineering domains. Undergraduate educators need tools that abstract away the low level details, so that control algorithms can be tested and deployed in the lab. We developed a Matlab/Octave based platform that communicates with PhysiCloud. This tool lets students program a PhysiCloud-enabled cyber-physical system in Matlab/Octave, which boosts their time interacting with the systems and deployed algorithms.